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3 Common Candle Colour Forms

When you approach the candle section in your local mall, your eyes are drawn towards coloured candles. Today, coloured candles are popular since they can alter a room's mood by enhancing its aesthetics. The good news is that making coloured candles is reasonably simple, and you can do it at home to improve your living room's interior. However, candle colours come in different forms, as highlighted in this article.  

Liquid Candle Dye

Liquid candle dyes are perhaps the most popular among DIY candle makers because of their ease of use. You drop a few drops of the liquid colour to molten wax and stir until you see a consistent hue. The most significant advantage of liquid candle dyes is that they are colourfast; therefore, you only need a few drops to achieve the desired colour intensity. Furthermore, it has cost-saving advantages because you only need a small amount of liquid candle dye to make an entire batch of coloured candles. It is mainly the case if you have figured out the number of drops you need for each candle. Also, you can add liquid candle dyes from the onset or before pouring wax into jars. However, you should wait until the wax cools before adding liquid candle dye. The reason is that adding dye to hot wax accelerates the cooling process and promotes wastage.

Dye Blocks

Dye blocks are another relatively popular candle colour form because they are highly concentrated but not as much as liquid dyes. Since you buy dye bocks in pieces, they are cost-effective since one block can dye a significant amount of molten wax. Dye blocks are the best option if you plan to make many coloured candles. The reason is that using dye blocks on small batches leads to wastage. Besides, it is difficult to maintain colour consistency on each candle because the amount you shave off from a block differs for every candle. However, you can grind dye blocks into powder form for ease of use when doing small batches of candles.

Dye Chips

Dye chips are relatively similar to dye blocks, with the only difference being that the former involves tiny broken pieces. Candle dye chips are easy to use because you can add the pieces gradually until you achieve the colour consistency you want in wax. The best part about dye chips is that you can buy packs with assorted coloured chips. Thus, it makes dye chips ideal for making multicoloured candles since the chips are already premixed for you. However, since dye chips are not colourfast, you might need many chips to make candles with intense colours.

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